Chicken Hatching Eggs
All of our birds are permitted to range free, making it impossible to guarantee the parentage of any particular egg. We can usually guess which hen lays which eggs by the size, shape, color, and location of each egg. We also know which roosters are covering which hens, but cannot guarantee parentage.

Our flocks like to segregate into Red's (Old English Game Cock) and Checks (two Barnevelder brothers). They do this at night when they come into their coops.

The Checks mated with a Polish Crested hen to produce a black and red rooster who was raised with the Red's chickens. This guy covers the two Ameraucana hens (originated from Araucanas) who lay beautiful blue and blue/green eggs.

Red's hens include a Rhode Island Red who lays very dark brown eggs, two Golden Comets, a white Leghorn who lays jumbo white eggs, and some offspring of the Polish Crested hen.

Another rooster, Paprika, was produced from the daughter of our first bantam hen (a small black chicken with white spots around her neck). This guy and his three hens were hatched out of a duck's nest and looked like guineas at birth. We call them Rens and are unsure of their parentage, but they are very pretty chickens.

So we have a lot of diversity in our flock which makes our eggs all different size and color. The yolks are large and very dark yellow, almost orange. The Checks hens tend to lay smaller, milder, white or pink eggs which I prefer for baking.