Custom Namepins

Each namepin is handmade to order, by Sandy. No machine or jig is used, only a pair of needle-nosed pliers. Each one has a sharpened end to pin with, and a hook at the other end. They are not suitable for daily wear or small children, but are ideal to pin on hats, Christmas stockings, etc.

The square wire is actually square, unlike normal round wire. This creates a richer, more three dimensional look and a stronger namepin. But it also creates a larger hole and is better pinned on sweaters or hung on a chain.

If you order a chain, the pin will be cut off and reshaped to hang on the chain, thereby eliminating any sharp points.

The pins with crystals attached can be hung on a curtain or valance in the window, creating rainbows in the sunlight. The crystals are all heart-shaped leaded glass crystals from the Strauss family in Austria. Some individuals pick their favorite color, but most people choose birthstone colors.